Globale Kommunikation: Politik und Gesellschaft (Global Communication: Politics and Society)

Universität Erfurt


Master of Arts (M. A.)
4 Semester
zulassungsfrei, ohne NC (ggf. mit Anmelde- oder Auswahlverfahren)
Vollzeitstudium; Teilzeitstudium; weiterführendes Studium
nur Wintersemester

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Studienfelder: Medienwissenschaft; Politikwissenschaft

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

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Philosophische Fakultät Seminar für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft
Dr. Anne Grüne
Telefon: 03617374152


Dominique Wollniok

studiert Global Communication an der Universität Erfurt

The study approach is very global and not Eurocentric. It incorporates studies and researches from not just the global North, but also the global South, and this is what I was looking forward to and I'm happy to be part of it.

#Studienfach It deals with not just communication studies, but it also deals with international relations, and that's why Politics and Society. Also work experiences are more practical. You're not just sitting on your computer researching and writing papers or theses.

#Hochschule My professors are very interesting. Maybe you know about Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez, he was very motivating and very inspirational. I wrote for the National Daily Dawn Newspaper in Pakistan and he knew about Dawn Newspaper, that was cool.

#Studienort It feels like home being in Erfurt. And I don't get lost in Erfurt. I know where to go, what to do. I have my own community there.

#sonstso I can associate with this east, west Germany narrative in a way because I come from Pakistan and India and Pakistan were together once. And wherever these divides have happened, wherever we have these borders, there's these discussions happening. So this is very fascinating for me that a divided country was brought together, unified again.

Anam studiert Global Communication an der Universität Erfurt

Anam studiert Global Communication an der Universität Erfurt

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